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Adding To The Number

Mission of Passion
We have the most amazing mission on planet earth. And we have a generation of people in front of us who want to give their lives to a cause that’s bigger than themselves.  Yet it’s easy to believe that the only way to reach them is by spending money on lights, gear and sound. But, that’s just not true.  You don’t need a polished church to reach the next generation nearly as much as you need a passionate church. Because when it comes to reaching people, passion beats polish.

The local church really is the hope of the world. The mission is what you’re doing (like reaching people with the love and hope of Jesus), and it never changes. The problem is many churches fall in love with methods, not with mission. A method is a way of doing things: programs the church runs, the style of music, the architecture of a building or facility, a staffing or governance model. The more you focus on the mission, the easier it is to change the methods.

Over time, churches become increasingly self-centered and self-serving. The result, not surprisingly, is that such churches stop growing. This most important principle says that leaders must turn the focus of their congregation away from themselves, and back to their original mission—and Christ’s mission—of making disciples.

Jesus began his conversation with the Samaritan woman on a topic of her interest—water. Then, in a microcosm of the disciple-making process, he talked about water where she would never thirst again! The implication? Don’t start with your agenda, start with theirs. When your church speaks to unreached people’s felt needs, you will get a hearing.

If the Gospel of Christ is really relevant to all aspects of life (which, of course, it is), we need to show people how it is relevant to their lives, as well.  

Prayer For The Day
Lord, I lift up our church growth to You. Add to our number daily through new converts. Birth spiritual children through us. Let our actions win people over without words. Use us as Your agents to rescue people from darkness and bring them into Your Son’s kingdom. We long to be worthy ambassadors in this ministry You have entrusted to us: that of proclaiming Your message of reconciliation to a lost world.

Study Scripture
Acts 2:46-47
2 Corinthians 5:20-21



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