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A Touch of HEAT is our outreach ministry dedicated to serving the homeless of our city.  Various ministries and social organizations provide food for the homeless, but often there are other needs that go unmet.  What we take for granted, such as a bar of soap, a clean pair of socks are a God-send for those that are homeless.  

Once a month we go to deliver care packages at the GateWay Homeless Shelter.  The contents of the packages vary, however they can include:

Socks, soap, towels, water, snacks, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other items.  We also provide diapers, women's personal items, and clothes on a periodic basis.

After we have helped to meet their physical need, we also attend to their spiritual needs.  We spend time with the people, playing games, hanging out, talking, and ministering.  We don't try to push religion on them, but go about the way of Christ, which is to share love with those in need of it.

A touch of HEAT one person at a time.

Each "hygiene" kit we prepare cost approximately $3.00 a person, so for $30 you can provide help to 10 people.  If you would like to donate your time or products to A Touch of HEAT outreach ministry, please use the contact information below.

To donate monetary funds click here and choose "A Touch of Heat" as the category.

Paula Eubanks, Co-Pastor