About Us

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Our Passions

H.E.A.T. Ministries Christian Worship Center exists for a reason. Our actions reflect the passions of our hearts. Through time, our unique values have emerged, and we exist to help bring life to our community.


we love our FAMILY

Our folks are bright. They come to church dressed casually after a week of long daily commutes, excessive overtime hours and unlimited stimulus. They do not come to church to be beat-up spiritually.  They want to know how, through the message of the biblical text, God can empower them to face the inevitable challenges of life, by encouraging, correcting, and teaching.  This requires our presentation to be very practical in nature. This makes a lot of sense, especially when the Holy Spirit is involved.  Our services are authentic, upbeat and contemporary.


we love our KIDS

One of the best things about our church are our kids. These small, fragile, precious people create unlimited children’s ministry opportunities. One of the best things about our church is the way we love kids, teaching them the truths of God’s Word through creative, tangible means.


we love our CITY

We serve the community, partnering with the city and the local schools in creative ways. We host free movie nights and ministry arts showcases.  We volunteer at local homeless shelters.  We make ourselves a part of many key community events. We constantly look for new ways to integrate ourselves into our community. God, we trust, is supernaturally orchestrating the entire endeavor. In the process, we are being careful to pay close attention to His leading.


we love our FRIENDS

We have worked hard to form a camaraderie with other ministers, pastors and congregations. Uniquely, we are in a wonderful partnership that includes prayer, encouragement and shared ministry. The threat of competition is minimized in our relationships. God is glorified by our unified yet diverse partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cheer for the ministries and church down the street, knowing this brings unity and honors our one God in heaven.